Let’s Talk About It with Chris P

Talking About Bringing Out Whats Already There

This weeks episode was exactly what it was supposed to be. Stay tuned for Lets Talk About and whats coming up next. There are some really exciting things in the works!!

Talking about Cod Town, Being Present, Skateboarding, and Engineering

This weeks episode was killer we got to sit down with Chris Sutton and talk about a host of topic. From creating a clothing brand, to skateboarding, all the way to engineering and getting present. This episode is not one to be missed, give it a listen and don't forget to be present!!

Talking about finding hope through connection and pain

This weeks episode was one for the books. We interviewed Sean Gold with a surprise CO-host Kaycee Snowden. Topics discussed were human connection, childhood sexual abuse, disfunction, and hope. We covered so many areas of life, there is so much great content packed into this 50 minuet episode. Listener Discretion is advised as there are some explicit topics discussed and language used.

Talking about Casting, Acting, and Hangar B

This weeks episode was Epic. The audio quality is not so epic, the content though EPIC! We sat down with Tracy Shields and talked about education in school and life. Topics discussed were casting, acting, and the restaurant business. A true testament to how we can overcome and learn as well as asses current situations and make change in our everyday life.

Talking about Drumming

This weeks episode we got to sit down with Brad Conant. A drummer in several bands, a drum teacher and an overall fantastic musician. We follow the process of becoming a member of numerous bands, playing music in front of hundreds of people and what makes this profession so fulfilling for the musically inclined. 

Talking about Moving Forward

In this weeks episode I got to sit down with my good friend Jake Hakala. We talked about loss, depression, and moving forward. This episode was a bit of an emotional roller coaster and there are some significant lessons and powerful perspectives. 

Talking about MMA and the UFC

This weeks episode covers the accounts of Christian Morecraft an MMA fighter and what it is like to fight in the UFC. The toll that professional fighting takes on any individual, and the training that goes into professional fighting, as well as the journey in the years after a career in professional fighting are outlined in this weeks episode. 

Talking about Tattoos

This weeks episode follows the path of one womans journey through the unknown. The story of a female tattoo artist and all that entails is included in this weeks episode. What it is like working in a tattoo shop and developing the skill of a unique artist in a male dominated industry make this story one you won't forget.

Whale Let’s Talk

Follow the story of Brigid McKenna becoming a Marine Scientist. In this episode we watch as Brigid outlines her journey towards getting her Masters in Marine Mammal Science's and how her love for the Atlantic Right whale has changed her world and their world.

Whale would you just take a peak

This is just a lil snack of whats to come in the episode on monday.